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New Hyde Park Dentist Office

It’s back! That plaque which was brushed and flossed away yesterday has returned! Here at Park One Dental, your New Hyde Park dentist office provides the state-of-the-art preventive care services you require to better maintain the health, cleanliness, and overall beauty of your smile. Encouraging patients of all ages to visit at least twice a year, our experienced staff can make sure that your oral care efforts at home don’t go unrewarded.

New Hyde Park Dentist Office

When plaque attacks, your New Hyde Park dentist office can teach you the best methods to fight back! Whether you have crooked teeth, use dental prostheses, or are at increased risk for dental disease, our staff will take special care to provide you with personalized instruction in the best methods for brushing and flossing those pearly whites. Because maintaining good oral hygiene is critical in the prevention of dental disease, our dentists believe that no smile should be left behind. Providing professional teeth cleanings, our hygienist has a gentle touch, and will expertly remove any plaque or tartar, which has accumulated since your last visit. And maintaining good oral hygiene has benefits across all age ranges. When you bring in your kids for a checkup, they’ll receive additional treatments to shield and protect their teeth from decay. One of the major advantages of scheduling appointments for routine checkups, is that our dentist has the opportunity to perform comprehensive oral examinations. Equipped with the foremost diagnostic technology and techniques, our dentist can assess your oral cavity for an extensive range of dental issues, from decay, dental injuries, and periodontal disease and to lesions and oral cancer.

Even though that plaque keeps on coming back, with the help of your New Hyde Park dentist office, we can help to make sure that the health of your smile is maintained all year round! To schedule your next checkup at our office, give our friendly staff a call at the number below today!

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