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New Hyde Park Implant Dentist

Here at Park One Dental, our experienced dentists are prepared to address the spectrum of general, family, and cosmetic dental needs for you and your family. From the most leading-edge preventive and emergency dental care, to the state-of-the-art in restorative, implant, and prosthetic treatments for reestablishing your smile, our team remains current with the latest developments in the field to provide you with the highest quality treatment options. If you’re considering your best replacement options for your missing teeth, our dentists are happy to walk you through the most suitable options for your needs. From the provision of fully customized dental bridges, partial and full dentures, to the most sophisticated options involving dental implants, you’ll be in the very best of hands with your New Hyde Park implant dentist.

New Hyde Park Implant Dentist

Whether you’re seeking to replace single, multiple or all teeth along a dental arch, dental implants provide an exceptional quality solution. Ingeniously modeled after the anatomy of your natural teeth, dental implants address tooth loss beneath the level of the gums, and are inserted by your New Hyde Park implant dentist directly into the underlying jawbone. Fabricated with a special, biocompatible surgical post, dental implants actually fuse to the bone over time, providing an unmatched level of stability. Because they integrate into the jaw bone, dental implants promote the overall health of your jaws, stimulating the bone tissue, and helping to retain the natural contours of your face. Extending upward through the gums, dental implants provide a secure anchoring point for a custom crown, fixed bridge, or implant-retained overdentures. Whether used to replace single teeth, or strategically placed to secure a permanent fixed prosthesis, dental implants come the closest to replicating the performance, appearance, and feel of your natural teeth.

To learn more about how you may stand to benefit from dental implants or any of the other exceptional options being offered at Park One Dental, give a call to your New Hyde Park implant dentist at the number below today!

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