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Where Can I Get Invisalign 11040?

At Park One Dental, our experienced dentists proudly offer state-of-the-art dental care to the New Hyde Park and surrounding area. Providing a sweeping array of advanced dental services, whether you require preventive, emergency, pediatric or cosmetic treatments for your smile, you can trust that our team is well equipped to address the dental needs of every member of your family. Patients considering straightening their teeth are encouraged to schedule a visit at our office to discuss how you may stand to benefit from orthodontic treatment with Invisalign 11040, the popular choice for discreetly aligning your smile.

Invisalign 11040

When it comes to ingenious methods for straightening teeth and aligning your bite, Invisalign 11040 comes in among the most inspired. When a graduate student at Stanford couldn’t be bothered to wear his retainer following his orthodontic treatment with braces, he soon realized the power of retainers themselves, as vehicles of orthodontic treatment. Collaborating with a fellow graduate in computer science, they developed a revolutionary digital modeling system, capable of allowing your dentist to analyze, simulate, and prescribe an exact course of orthodontic treatment for your smile digitally. The digital prescription acts as the blueprints for fabricating your customized series of clear, plastic aligners. Smooth to the touch, and comfortable to wear, Invisalign gradually ushers your teeth into their desired positions as you progress through a successive series of clear aligners. And because they’re removable for short periods of time, you can still brush, floss, and eat your favorite foods, just like before!

When it comes to your smile, you can trust the professional team at Park One Dental. Equipped with the foremost diagnostic and treatment technology, our experienced dentists pride themselves on providing the best that modern dentistry has to offer. To discover more about the possibilities with Invisalign 11040, contact our office at the number below today!


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